Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School begins!

Hello guys! It's been 12 days since the last post.

So, I'm just gonna sum it up : )

20th August: Gardermoen airport in Oslo, leaving for japan!
 My little sister was there ...
And my parents.

21st August, we arrived at Narita Airport in Tokyo, and were met by three EF returnees (Earlier exchangestudents from Japan, Mai, Takumi and Kiri).
We had to wait for more students at the airport before we went to Earth Nasu hotel, but 3 hours of waiting were nothing compared to the 13 hour long flight!
We arrived at Earth Nasu hotel late that same night, only to discover we were the last group to arrive xD

We got roommates and nametags, and had a short introduction of ourselfs (In English) and went to the hotel's bath.
To take a bath in Japan is so relaxing, you have no idea!(Unless you have taken a japanese bath before, ofc)
First you wash yourself in a shower, and when you are already clean, enter the bath. Which is hot. REALLY hot. The bath at the hotel was 40 degrees celsius, and was considered a pretty wimpy temperature. (When I take a bath at my host-family now, it's 42 degrees!!!)

Then we went to sleep, on futons, in a room with tatami floor. It was actually pretty comfortable.

Through out the camp, we all became friends, over 30 students from Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, and Taiwan.
(Out of all these countries, norway has the smallest population. We norwegians were actually the biggest group at the camp, with 9 students, and denmark on 2nd place, with 7 students.)

Every day, we had activities, like  trips, games, projects, and we all ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper together.
We also had classes every day. We were divided into groups depending on how much we could write and read japanese.
I was placed in the lowest group the first two days, because I could not read or write hiragana OR katakana, let alone kanji.
But on the third day, I was placed in the best group (because I speak pretty good Japanese). That group only wrote and spoke Japanese, but since I couldn't write in japanese yet, I was allowed to write in romanj.

The 2 big trips were:

a half-day trip to Nikko (A historical place for religion, with temples and shrines)...

 ...and a full day trip to Tokyo city, with: 
Tokyo Tower  (pictures on both sides) 
                         Akihabara... (picture of me underneath)

...as main events : P

On the 27th (of August) we were once again split into two groups.
Before dinner on Saturday (28th of August) the first group left for their host families, and I was one of them.
We took the buss from the hotel, and took the shinkansen from the local trainstation, and got off at our destinations. The families were waiting for us at the train stations.

The Tachiki Family.

They got a house, which is bigger than I expected.
And they live only 10 minutes from the lokal trainstation (Funabashi) on foot.
They live close to stores, and the trainstation is actually mixed with a huge mall!

My host-mother works part time as a teacher 3 days a week. She can't speak english.
My host-father is a retired aircraft engineer. He speaks good english.

I have been to school once, with two other EF students from Denmark and Hong Kong, and we were shown around the school, got some information, and were told to be at school by 07.55 on the 1st of September. The ride to school takes 75 minutes or so. That's gonna be fun.

Right, I won't have any regular system with the blogs after all, I'll just do it when I feel like it, since they have given me unlimited time on the internet. I have use my selfdiscipline for this, even though I have none.

Bye :P


  1. omg, superspennende:o synes du var flink med å ha mange bilder jeg:D de badene høres nais ut o.O tenk så godt etter en kald skolevei hjem :D

    håper det går kjempebra på skolen imorgen :'D

  2. Tror ikke det er så godt etter en kald skolevei jeg. Vannet er så varmt at det nesten er vondt. Her er det mellom 35 og 38 varmegrader i luften, og det er fortsatt nesten vondt.

    Bad etter en kald skolevei = DØD

  3. Stakkars, arme, forlatte kjæresten din.September 1, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Har du ikke lært å spørre dem om å tappe litt kaldere enda ?

  4. Det er NESTEN vondt, det er ikke vondt. Det er herlig

  5. dette høres superartig ut er det virkelig så varmt vann

  6. Ja, det er faktisk det, det varierer fra familie til familie, men temperaturen ligger mellom 40 - 45 grader celsius.

  7. hahaha Eskild:D tror det bare hadde vært nais jeg men :)

    gleder meg til blogginnlegg om skolen osv :D og du må fortelle hvordan det er å ta tog osv, er det kjempetrangt og sånt? :o

    (Og, Frida er blitt stor o.O fikk sjokk jeg hahah ;p)

  8. Du er så tøff, Eskild og jeg gleder meg til å følge deg på bloggen!
    Stor klem fra Karin (neri vægen)

  9. Var også utvekslingselev i Chiba (Kashiwa-shi) i 2007. Digg å være der :D Skal faktisk en tur til Tokyo i Oktober for å møte gamle bekjente :D